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Ink cartridges HP 10 - compatible and original OEM

Ink cartridges HP 10 - compatible and original OEM

The Ink Cartridges HP 10 - compatible and original OEM category is designed to meet the diverse printing needs of both home and business users. This category includes a range of cartridges suitable for HP inkjet printers, offering a variety of options for reliable and high-quality printing. Whether you are in search of compatible cartridges or original OEM products, you'll find solutions tailored to ensure your printing tasks are accomplished with precision and efficiency. The available products include the Compatible Ink Cartridge 10 for HP (C4844AE) (Black), the Original OEM Ink Cartridge HP 10 (C4844A) (Black), and the Specialistic Fluid for Cleaning Heads HP 250 ml (Uniwersalny).

The Compatible Ink Cartridge 10 for HP (C4844AE) is an excellent choice for those looking to maintain print quality while keeping expenses manageable. This compatible cartridge offers the same performance as the original, delivering crisp and clear prints without compromising on quality. On the other hand, the Original OEM Ink Cartridge HP 10 (C4844A) guarantees the highest standards of reliability and print quality as it is manufactured by HP. This cartridge is ideal for users who prefer to stick to manufacturer-recommended products for their printing needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for their printers.

To maintain the health and efficiency of your printer, consider using the Specialistic Fluid for Cleaning Heads HP 250 ml (Uniwersalny). This cleaning fluid is specifically designed to keep your print heads in top condition, preventing clogs and ensuring smooth printing operations. Regular use of this fluid can extend the lifespan of your cartridges and printer, providing a cost-effective maintenance solution. Explore the variety of cartridges and maintenance products in our Ink Cartridges HP 10 category to find the perfect fit for your printing needs. Offering quality, reliability, and value, these products are tailored to enhance your overall printing experience.

Compatible with:

Business Inkjet 1000Business Inkjet 2600dnDesignJet 110plus nr - C7796E
Business Inkjet 1100Business Inkjet 2800DesignJet 110plus nr - C7796F
Business Inkjet 1100dBusiness Inkjet 2800dtDesignJet 110plus r
Business Inkjet 1100dtnBusiness Inkjet 2800dtnDesignJet 500 - C7769B
Business Inkjet 1200Business Inkjet 3000DesignJet 500 - C7770B
Business Inkjet 1200dBusiness Inkjet 3000dtnDesignJet 500 plus
Business Inkjet 1200dnBusiness Inkjet 3000nDesignJet 70
Business Inkjet 1200dtnColor Printer 2000cDesignJet 800 - C7779B
Business Inkjet 1200dtwnColor Printer 2000cnDesignJet 800 - C7780B
Business Inkjet 2200Color Printer 2000cseDesignJet 800ps - C7779C
Business Inkjet 2200seColor Printer 2000cxiDesignJet 800ps - C7780C
Business Inkjet 2200xiColor Printer 2500cDesignJet 815 MFP
Business Inkjet 2230Color Printer 2500c PlusDesignJet 820 MFP
Business Inkjet 2230dtnColor Printer 2500cmDesignJet cc800ps
Business Inkjet 2250Color Printer 2500cseDesignJet ColorPro CAD
Business Inkjet 2250tnColor Printer 2500cxiDesignJet ColorPro GA
Business Inkjet 2280Color Printer cp1700OfficeJet 9100
Business Inkjet 2280tnColor Printer cp1700dOfficeJet 9110
Business Inkjet 2300Color Printer cp1700psOfficeJet 9120
Business Inkjet 2300dtnDesignJet 100OfficeJet 9130
Business Inkjet 2300nDesignJet 100plusOfficeJet Pro K850
Business Inkjet 2600DesignJet 110plusOfficeJet Pro K850dn
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Category Inkjet Cartridges
Type Compatible
Class Ink Cartridge
Color Black
Manufactured by DrTusz
Compatible with Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Catalog Number DT-AH-10BK
Availability Available in 24h
In stock 33 szt.
Capacity 69 ml
Yield 1750 pages
Cost per page 1.71 gr/page
29,99 PLN
(24,38 PLN netto)
  Free Delivery
Specialistic Fluid for Cleaning Heads HP 250 ml (Uniwersalny)
Category Inkjet Cartridges
Type Refill components
Class Fluid for Cleaning
Manufactured for DrTusz
Compatible with Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Catalog Number SR-PU-7542
Availability Available in 24h
In stock 101 szt.
Capacity 250 ml
28,99 PLN
(23,57 PLN netto)
  Free Delivery
Category Inkjet Cartridges
Type Original OEM
Class Ink Cartridge
Color Black
Manufactured by Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Compatible with Hewlett-Packard (HP)
Catalog Number C4844A
Availability Ask for availability
In stock 0 szt.
Capacity 69 ml
Yield 1750 pages
Cost per page 15.20 gr/page
265,99 PLN
(216,25 PLN netto)
  Free Delivery Sold
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(of 3 products)
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Welcome to Our HP 10 Ink Cartridge Series

Dear Customer, welcome to our comprehensive selection of HP 10 Ink Cartridges. Whether you're a home user, a small business owner, or managing a large office, we've tailored our offerings to meet your unique printing needs. Enjoy seamless printing with our range of compatible, original OEM, and refill components, designed specifically for HP printers.

Main Benefits and Unique Features

Our HP 10 Ink Cartridge series is known for its reliability, high yield, and exceptional print quality. These cartridges feature advanced ink technologies that deliver bright, vibrant colors and sharp, crisp text. Say goodbye to smudging and fading, as our ink ensures longevity and durability for all your printed materials.

Original OEM Ink Cartridges

When you choose our Original OEM HP 10 Ink Cartridges (C4844A), you're opting for the ultimate in quality and consistency. These cartridges are manufactured by HP and rigorously tested to offer flawless performance. You can trust OEM cartridges to provide unparalleled color accuracy and smooth operation throughout their lifespan.

Compatible Ink Cartridges

If you're looking for a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality, our Compatible Ink Cartridge 10 for HP (C4844AE) (Black) is an excellent choice. These cartridges are designed to meet or exceed the performance of original HP cartridges, providing exceptional print results while being budget-friendly. Rest assured, our compatible cartridges are thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility and superior performance with your HP printer.

Refill Components: Fluids for Cleaning

Maintaining your printer is crucial for optimal performance. That’s why we offer Specialistic Fluid for Cleaning Heads HP 250 ml (Uniwersalny). This specially formulated cleaning fluid is perfect for removing ink residue and unclogging print heads, ensuring your printer works smoothly and efficiently. Regular cleaning can prolong the life of your printer and prevent common printing issues.

Why Choose Our Store?

At our store, we prioritize your needs. Shopping with us ensures:

  • Quality Assurance: All our products are sourced from reliable manufacturers and undergo rigorous testing.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer the best prices for both original and compatible cartridges, giving you great value for money.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our website is designed to make your shopping experience seamless and hassle-free.
  • Customer Support: Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.

Choosing the Right Cartridge

Choosing the right cartridge depends on your specific needs and printing habits. If top-tier quality and manufacturer assurance are essential, opt for the original OEM cartridge. However, if you prefer a more affordable option without compromising on performance, our compatible cartridges are the way to go. And don’t forget our cleaning fluids – they’re essential for maintaining printer health!

Common User Issues and Solutions

Some users might face issues like printer head clogs or inconsistent print quality. Our cleaning fluids can address these problems effectively. Additionally, our compatible cartridges are designed to fit perfectly and function smoothly with your HP printer models, including the HP Business Inkjet 1000, HP DesignJet 110plus, and HP OfficeJet Pro K850.

Call to Action

We encourage you to explore our range of HP 10 Ink Cartridges and take your printing experience to the next level. With our selection of compatible, original, and maintenance products, achieving high-quality prints has never been easier or more affordable. Make the smart choice for your printer today!

Compatible with:

Business Inkjet 1000 Business Inkjet 2600dn DesignJet 110plus nr - C7796E
Business Inkjet 1100 Business Inkjet 2800 DesignJet 110plus nr - C7796F
Business Inkjet 1100d Business Inkjet 2800dt DesignJet 110plus r

Thank you for choosing our store. We look forward to serving you!

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